Pricks In The Tapestry  Cover

Pricks in the Tapestry

Jameson Fitzpatrick

                  "There was the idea of love and then what."

This book is a record of my thinking and feeling during my mid-to-late-twenties. Like any record, it is incomplete and imperfect—I do not always identify with the speakers of these poems, even as I recognize their speech (and sometimes, their desires) as my own. I think of this collection as a bildungsroman of sorts: the story of a young poet coming to know, belatedly and with difficulty, the insufficiencies of the self as a subject and the lyric as a mode.  —Jameson Fitzpatrick

Inside the Book

Perfect bound
6" x 9"
Publication Date:
June, 2020

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Whenever I am in one conversation
I am thinking about another. 
Whatever room I am in my heart is not.
Before a mirror, which face is true:
the one that moves or the one that is moved?
I flip a coin and wish for the opposite.
Life, friends, is whoring.
A warning a man mistakes for intimacy.
When I miss my madness, which I mostly don't,
I miss how totally I was inside it,
the idea I could not get out.