Dear Friends,

Lucas de Lima's new book Tropical Sacrifice is now available for pre-order! Tropical Sacrifice will be available at a discounted price of $16 exclusively from the Birds, LLC site until it arrives from the printer.

*Cover and book design by Karen Sofia Colón.

Tropical Sacrifice is a wishbone against a fascist heart/a prophetic, dream-filled narrative based on the spiritual journey of a chicken. Used for sacrificial ritual in Afro-Brazilian religion, the chicken becomes a re-enchantment of the poet's ancestry. Her superior vision gives access to histories of genocide and ecocide, opening a portal to Indigenous, Afro-diasporic, queer and nonhuman worlds. From the favela to the Amazon to the astral plane, it is the half-winged bird who escapes the factory farm, inviting voices to bleed out of the sky.