Dear Friends,

Sommer Browning's Good Actors is now available for pre-order! Good Actors will be available at a discounted price of $16 exclusively from the Birds, LLC site until it arrives from the printer.

This is Sommer's third full-length poetry collection, and we are so happy to be working with her again!

Cover art by Liliana Porter

Cover design by Hollis Duncan

At birth we are given a role--it is our name. Good Actors is a side-eyed illumination of the artist as self-help guru, oracle, and sage, but more importantly as mother, lover, and friend.

Part psychological experiment, part conceptual art piece, part screenplay, Good Actors is 100% a joyful celebration of language and life. And because it is Sommer, the book is hilarious, melancholy, and existential.

Good Actors $16 (pre-sale)

Sommer Browning is an author, curator, and artist living in Denver. Her books include two collections of poetry Backup Singers and Either Way I'm Celebrating (both with Birds, LLC), as well as the artist book, The Circle Book (Cuneiform Press), the joke book You're On My Period (Counterpath), and others. In 2017, she founded GEORGIA, an art space in her garage in Denver. Her poetry, art writing, and visual art has appeared in Hyperallergic, Bomb, jubilat, Chicago Review, Entropy, and elsewhere. She is a librarian.

"Great Things From the Department of Transportation," from Good Actors, in a recent issue of The American Poetry Review!

Listen to Sommer and host Chris Moore discuss the nature of reality, what makes comedy funny, the meaning of art & life, and what separates humans from animals on a recent episode of The Situation & the Story podcast.

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