Birds, LLC is an independent poetry press based out of Austin, Minneapolis, New York, and Raleigh. Specializing in close author relationships, Birds, LLC believes that great books are a collaboration of editors and authors. Birds, LLC supports readings, events, and podcasts for its authors, believing that poetry demands a human voice to read it and an audience to hear it.


Birds, LLC are like the pinnacle of enthusiasm for contemporary young poet's full-length books, and of reinventing self-publishing.

While essentially Birds, LLC is about the singular poet's collection, they always emphasize a collaboration of editors and authors. I've never quite felt so warm and fuzzy about a press. Their gigantic spirit and love of poetry and poets is infectious.

Bianca Stone, the Poetry Foundation



  • Dan Boehl
  • Justin Marks
  • Matt Rasmussen
  • Sampson Starkweather
  • Chris Tonelli

Editorial Assistants

  • Jon-Michael Frank
  • Caroline Gormley
  • Michael Johnson
  • Joseph Silvers

Book Designers

  • Eric Amling
  • Matt Bollinger
  • Joshua Elliott
  • Cat Glennon
  • Zoe Norvell

Interior Layout Designer

  • Michael Newton

Web Design & Dev

  • Doug Hahn