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Joy of Missing Out

Ana Božičević

JOY OF MISSING OUT is starlite verse on death and independence for the dreamers, dropouts, rebels and the neuroatypical. A confession and sublimation of breakdowns personal and systemic, JOMO paints a playful and unflinching portrait of the ups and downs of city survival and queer romance. Simultaneously it deploys online slang and high lyrical registers, morphs the sad girl into Baba Yaga, drops truth bombs on art and politics, and puts the sin into sincerity. Even as it engineers the death of its speaker, JOMO is a paradoxically joyous litany of her endurance and a boost-plea to stay in a messed-up world and say it out loud. This anthem is best read at night or dawn when no one's around for a Like or a kiss."

What People Are Saying

Chris Kraus

Ana Božičević invents a new language of 21st century displacement: a displacement that occurs not just in space and in time but in heart, vision and mind. The poems in Joy of Missing Out range from Croatian farm fields and embroidered dresses to life spent online, emoji, chain stores and drugs.  Always: emotion.  No filter, she writes.  Božičević is a master of the startling lyric: her poems transport, but they can also kick dirt in your face in the last line.  Her casual poems are formidably informed and, also, great.

Inside the Book

6 x 9
Publication Date:
June 2017

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Anne Waldman
Eileen Myles

From the Book



Life is lol
Love is lol
Pain is lol
The wind is lol
Cats are lol
Dreams are lol
You are awake
When all is lol



I wasn't me with them
I was mad with them
Bc they loved my body only
Inside the institution
& I didn't want that cash

Fuck you
For not loving me for
I was "crazy"
And wouldn't "get a job"
Trying to love your lazy

Socialized ass was job enough
Run from the institutions
Run from your lovers
Run from currency
To the current