This week, Niina heads out on tour in support of DEAD HORSE. The complete dates are below (the links lead to flyers or Facebook events).

Just look at all these amazing co-collaborators!

3/26 Philadelphia (with Paige Taggart, Nicole Steinberg, Gina Myers)

3/27 Baltimore (with Paige Taggart, Michael Morse, Will Schutt)

3/28 Harrisburg (with Paige Taggart, Margaret Bashaar, Carina Finn, Sarah Rose Etter, Melody Johnson, Erin Dorney)

3/29 Pittsburgh (with Paige Taggart, Margaret Bashaar, Kristofer Collins)

3/30 Akron (with Paige Taggart)

3/31 Detroit (with Paige Taggart, Rohin Guha)

4/01 Chicago (with Paige Taggart, Carleen Tibbetts)

4/03-4/04 Mission Creek Festival

4/05 Chicago (with Monica McClure, Ben Fama, Chris Tonelli, Kathleen Rooney)

4/09 AWP - Niina's Birthday!! (with Eric Amling, Jerriod Avant, Ben Fama, Elaine Kahn, Kelin Loe, Monica McClure, Guy Pettit, Sara Jane Stoner, Jennifer Tamayo Mike Young)