First, Dan Magers' PARTYKNIFE was reviewed in Publisher's Weekly! "Magers’s debut is like a Fast Times at Ridgemont High of poetry, only faster."

Dan Magers and PARTYKNIFE then have fun in this wild & witty interview with Jess Novak: "Partyknife knows that you don’t overthink a playlist. If you are having a dinner party, and want to play Cambodian psychedelic rock music from the 60s, go for it, but don’t try it for a dance party. Obvious stuff works. If it’s midnight and you swallow your pride and put on “Dancing Queen,” you will get laid."

Finally, PARTYKNIFE also received the most amazing, insane, intense and sensational reviews EVER, see for yourself!

"Try and recall the last book you wanted to take up as a lifestyle. Try and recall in particular, the last book of poetry that you wanted to become. It made me feel good. When’s the last time poetry made you feel good? Not distant and admiring, not the literary equivalent of the Met. When was the last time you read a book of poetry that hit you cinema hard? That left you pointing frantically at the screen, a la Velvet Goldmine, saying that’s me."

So grab a Knife and join the Party, and like Ice Cube said HAVE A GOOD DAY!