Elisa Gabbert and Sommer Browning will live tweet Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey!

Join them this Sunday! Start watching the film at 7pm Mountain time, 9pm Eastern time & 6pm Pacific!

You just need to be weird and have a twitter account.

Use this hashtag: #2001

Other participants include (this list grows daily!):

@AmyLawless (NYC)
Patrick Culliton @TheHauntedTooth (Chicago!)
@DanBoehl (Austin)
Dan Magers @partyknife (Brooklyn, NY)
Aaron Angello
Bill Wetzel
Statler & Waldorf
Tom Servo
Crow T. Robot
@BiancaStone (NYC)
@bryancoffelt (PDX)

and of course:
@egabbert & @vagtalk