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We’re very excited to announce that The First 4 Books of Sampson Starkweather is now available exclusively on the Birds, LLC site.

Written over ten years, these are indeed four separate books with their own forms and voices and preoccupations that also coalesce to form the outlines of a novel whose subject is a poet making up himself.

The poems themselves, as Jared White puts it in his introduction, are "a phantasmagoria worthy of Arthur Rimbaud but a 'Rimbaud chugging Robotussin.®'" They interest themselves in the purity of experience and are comprised of everything from experimental translations, emails and dreams, to spells, prose, advice, and mythologies (among other things).

The First 4 Book of Sampson Starkweather completely questions and reinterprets what a first book—or any book—of poems can be.

As always, thank you for your support of Birds, LLC and indie publishing at large.


The Editors