Celebrate Either Way I'm Celebrating: Join Sommer Browning for A Week of Tweets: Draw Genitals, Exchange Insults, Collaborate on Exquisite Corpses, Tell Jokes & Guess Rebus Puzzles (whatever the hell those are)‏

Starting Monday Oct 24th Birds, LLC will celebrate Sommer Browning's EITHER WAY I'M CELEBRATING!

Sommer will be tweeting all sorts of awesome over at @vagtalk. There will be poems, jokes, and cartoons galore. And if you participate in any of it, you'll get 50% off her book EITHER WAY I'M CELEBRATING (if you already have it, you can get 50% off any BIRDS, LLC book!)

So start following her on Twitter and join in!

Oct 24 Day 1 -- Twitter Genital Day -- Tweet your own hand drawn image of a) boobs b) butts or c) front butts. I will collect them all and post them on my website (this can be anonymous). Let's work to make the largest online repository of front butt drawings in the world!

Oct 25 Day 2 -- Twitter Insult Day -- I will tell one joke about each one of my followers based on your bio, photo and FBI background investigation...Can I do it? Probably not!!

Oct 26 Day 3 -- Twitter Exquisite Corpse -- Let's write a 1000 line poem! Tweet a line of a poetry and I'll collect them all and post them on my website.

Oct 27 Day 4 -- Twitter Joke Day -- I will turn any subject you tweet to me into a very funny (or unfunny) joke.

Oct 28 Day 5 -- Twitter Rebus Puzzle -- During the day I will tweet Rebuses of poets' names -- Guess first and win the drawing!

Tune in to the tweets! In the meantime, you can read reviews of EITHER WAY I'M CELEBRATING at the Faster Times and Pank Magazine.

Czech out Sommer's Website (with Satanic Bed Bath & Beyond comic)