We apologize that the cover and title of our recently released chapbook has caused pain to those we admire and respect.

We made a mistake in not considering more carefully the political and social consequences of this choice and the ways in which it perpetuates cultural appropriation. We sincerely regret our lack of judgement—we should have done better and commit to doing so.

We do believe that the work in question comes from an honest and genuine place—a man and a woman (featured on the cover) falling in love to a particular soundtrack--the cover image in combination with the title was not meant to be ironic. It was representative of the experience depicted in the book. However, a straight white male's personal experience should not have taken precedence over the social and political implications for our poetry community.

As editors and artists who are straight white males, we strive to raise our own consciousness, be more aware of our privileged positions, and counter that privilege. We appreciate being held accountable for our actions. We thank the poets who have spoken out about this. While we are aware that it is not their responsibility to educate us, we are humbled by the time and effort they've given to this issue.

We are pulling this book from our catalogue and will reissue it if/when we can envision an appropriate way to re-present the work. Again, we deeply apologize for the strife we've caused in a community we love.


The Editors

This week, Niina heads out on tour in support of DEAD HORSE. The complete dates are below (the links lead to flyers or Facebook events).

Just look at all these amazing co-collaborators!

3/26 Philadelphia (with Paige Taggart, Nicole Steinberg, Gina Myers)

3/27 Baltimore (with Paige Taggart, Michael Morse, Will Schutt)

3/28 Harrisburg (with Paige Taggart, Margaret Bashaar, Carina Finn, Sarah Rose Etter, Melody Johnson, Erin Dorney)

3/29 Pittsburgh (with Paige Taggart, Margaret Bashaar, Kristofer Collins)

3/30 Akron (with Paige Taggart)

3/31 Detroit (with Paige Taggart, Rohin Guha)

4/01 Chicago (with Paige Taggart, Carleen Tibbetts)

4/03-4/04 Mission Creek Festival

4/05 Chicago (with Monica McClure, Ben Fama, Chris Tonelli, Kathleen Rooney)

4/09 AWP - Niina's Birthday!! (with Eric Amling, Jerriod Avant, Ben Fama, Elaine Kahn, Kelin Loe, Monica McClure, Guy Pettit, Sara Jane Stoner, Jennifer Tamayo Mike Young)

Niina Pollari’s much-anticipated, first full-length collection of poems from Birds, LLC, Dead Horse, is now available for purchase.

Publisher’s Weekly describes Dead Horse as, “startling in its starkness and crisp, distinct voice; growing more evocative as it progresses… [It] blazes and stings with the intensity and ferociousness of a fresh wound.”

Bookish believes Dead Horse is one of the 10 small press poetry books you have to read in 2014.

But don't take their word for it. Order the book now and see for yourself.


The editors

Ana Božičević is touring Europe with Sophia Le Fraga (as not_I) to read for herLambda Award-winning book RISE IN THE FALL.

Ana starts of the tour by returning to her home country Croatia to read there for the first time.

Check out this video trailer for not_I’s tour, which is probably what it feels like to be there: floating, singing.

Here are the cities and dates of the reading tour:

7/15 Rijeka

7/17 Zadar

7/21 Liznjan
7/23 Bratislava

7/27 Berlin 

We would also like to officially congratulate Ana Božičević on her Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Poetry for RISE IN THE FALL



Birds, LLC is excited to announce our next title: From the Author’s Private Collection by Eric Amling.

From the Author’s Private Collection is an experience — your reality was missing a dimension or two. With senses heightened you enter the Real — realm of dream and reckoning — where time experiences you. You’ve walked into the poem, you can touch the purring furniture, the lion’s head for example, and what’s with that giant pink diamond singing like a lounge singer in the corner. This is hardly a poem at all but a consciousness. You float inside it like an amoeba’s desire. It whispers its secret, confessing “Everyone lives to love but continually dreams to kill” and finally “Space / This space / A collection of space / That I curate / Where I forgive myself.”


July 10th, 2014

Librería Libros AC Barra & Bistro
1510 Ave. Ponce de León, 00909
San Juan, Puerto Rico

July 31st, 2014

with Amy Lawless, Angela Veronica Wong & Noah Eli Gordon
Emory Bookstore @ 8pm
1390 Oxford Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

August 2nd, 2014

with Noah Eli Gordon
Nashville, TN

August 3rd, 2014

with Noah Eli GordonThe Birdhouse @ 3pm
Knoxville, TN

September 11th, 2014

with Noah Eli Gordon @ 7pmFlying Object
42 West Street
Hadley, MA 01035

September 12th, 2014

with Noah Eli Gordon & Kendra DeColo
Brookline Booksmith @ 7pm
Boston, MA

September 13th, 2014

with Noah Eli Gordon
New York City



We are excited to announce our next title: TENDER DATA by Monica McClure.

In TENDER DATA Monica McClure breaks down and breaks into various identities, each of them hashtagged in the discourses of their time and place, whether macha or chiflada, couture or fast fashion, acephale or technocrat: "I want to be so skinny people ask if I'm dying." Down the blood-red lanes of gender-making, class warfare, and vexed relationships goes the unstable subject, hailed yet hailing back. Nobody comes out looking good. The slippery self, surveilled yet ready with her mask, performs a peep show--booth opens wide, yet somehow the dancer isn't there. She’s in character. She’s “cut off the head to let the humors hose through.”



We’re very excited to announce our next title: DEAD HORSE by Niina Pollari.

Populated by the quotidian events and things that punctuate our days (air travel, medical exams, bathrooms, phones, etc.), the poems in Niina Pollari's DEAD HORSE are anything but common. Hyperaware, the speaker in these poems “watch[es] you watch me.” She is mercurial, monstrous—“a vampire in a grayly coughing dawn,” a lover who wants to put her “thigh meat next to yours,” to sit with swan’s blood inside her mouth and smile—but also tender in her grotesqueness: “I’m nothing / But a massive garbage mountain / Wiggling abundantly / And all I want to know is / Do you love me? / Now that I can dance." And then there it is, that word—love. That is the force that ultimately animates these poems, their vulnerability & bravery: “If you say you love me / I will open my mouth and you can live in it.”