July 10th, 2014

Librería Libros AC Barra & Bistro
1510 Ave. Ponce de León, 00909
San Juan, Puerto Rico

July 31st, 2014

with Amy Lawless, Angela Veronica Wong & Noah Eli Gordon
Emory Bookstore @ 8pm
1390 Oxford Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

August 2nd, 2014

with Noah Eli Gordon
Nashville, TN

August 3rd, 2014

with Noah Eli GordonThe Birdhouse @ 3pm
Knoxville, TN

September 11th, 2014

with Noah Eli Gordon @ 7pmFlying Object
42 West Street
Hadley, MA 01035

September 12th, 2014

with Noah Eli Gordon & Kendra DeColo
Brookline Booksmith @ 7pm
Boston, MA

September 13th, 2014

with Noah Eli Gordon
New York City



We are excited to announce our next title: TENDER DATA by Monica McClure.

In TENDER DATA Monica McClure breaks down and breaks into various identities, each of them hashtagged in the discourses of their time and place, whether macha or chiflada, couture or fast fashion, acephale or technocrat: "I want to be so skinny people ask if I'm dying." Down the blood-red lanes of gender-making, class warfare, and vexed relationships goes the unstable subject, hailed yet hailing back. Nobody comes out looking good. The slippery self, surveilled yet ready with her mask, performs a peep show--booth opens wide, yet somehow the dancer isn't there. She’s in character. She’s “cut off the head to let the humors hose through.”



We’re very excited to announce our next title: DEAD HORSE by Niina Pollari.

Populated by the quotidian events and things that punctuate our days (air travel, medical exams, bathrooms, phones, etc.), the poems in Niina Pollari's DEAD HORSE are anything but common. Hyperaware, the speaker in these poems “watch[es] you watch me.” She is mercurial, monstrous—“a vampire in a grayly coughing dawn,” a lover who wants to put her “thigh meat next to yours,” to sit with swan’s blood inside her mouth and smile—but also tender in her grotesqueness: “I’m nothing / But a massive garbage mountain / Wiggling abundantly / And all I want to know is / Do you love me? / Now that I can dance." And then there it is, that word—love. That is the force that ultimately animates these poems, their vulnerability & bravery: “If you say you love me / I will open my mouth and you can live in it.”


Come visit Birds, LLC at Table R21 and pick up Sommer Browning's new book BACKUP SINGERS hot off the press and all our other titles on SALE.

Thursday Feb 27th Birds, LLC with Barrelhouse Books, Coconut Books, Factory Hollow Press, Fence Books, LSU Press, Magic Helicopter, Monk Books & Wave Books present:

THE READING: A night of Poetry, Dancing, and Beer with

DARA WIER (Wave Books)
JUSTIN MARKS (Barrelhouse Books)
LAUREN IRELAND (Coconut Books/Magic Helicopter)
LUKE BLOOMFIELD (Factory Hollow)
Followed by Dj Justin Case to spin &
DANCEPARTY from 10pm to 1am.
8 to 10pm Reading
10pm to 1am Dj and Danceparty
@ LoFi Performance Gallery (walking distance from the AWP Conference) 429 Eastlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98109


Dan Boehl

Elisa Gabbert – The Self Unstable.

I am picking Elisa's new book, because "Duh."

Ana Božičević

Cool Memories – Ben Fama.

Sommer Browning

I Want My Hat Back - Jon Klassen

I used to like this book until I read it to my little kid 3,657 times:

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts - Amos Tutuola

The Nineties - Lucy Ives

Two books that are the opposite of each other in nearly every way. Tutola's book is a magic book about horror, adventure, pain, and longing. It follows a boy who is lost in the land of ghosts and trying to get back to his mother. It is full of repetition so I felt myself reading it like a song. This helped me cope with the scariness and sadness I felt. I was lost in that book, too. In Ives' book I was never lost. She describes the world of a girl in the 1990's of a certain class and means almost scientifically, with lists and proper nouns. It was anchored in familiar places, names, and things and that cultivated in me a kind of sarcasm about myself.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl: An Account in Words and Pictures - Phoebe Gloeckner

By Some Miracle a Year Lousy with Meteors - Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis & Cynthia Arrieu-King

Jon-Michael Frank

Mythologies – Roland Barthes

2666 – Roberto Bolano. A book to sell your soul to.

Book of Frank – C.A. Conrad. Time as your dead mother and poems on the impossible love of masturbation.

Agapē Agape - William Gaddis

Lost And – Jeff Griffin. White trash beauty and what it means to love.

The Narrow Circle – Nathan Hoks. A book that shattered concepts in my brain and left little grasshoppers in there giving the night an interior voice.

Sign You Were Mistaken – Seth Landman

My Dead – Amy Lawless

Murmur In The Inventory – Erica Lewis

Snowflake/Different Streets – Eileen Myles

Buenos Aires – Chad Reynolds. Where Chad Reynolds disrobes and tortures a man with life.

The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather - Sampson Starkweather

Rings of Saturn – W.G. Sebald. Memory is a whore.

Debts & Lessons – Lynn Xu. A read this book in a white room. It put colors in my head.

Elisa Gabbert

Bough Down – Karen Green

Taipei – Tao Lin

The Unknowns – Gabriel Roth

Nervous Device – Catherine Wagner

Dan Magers

Rise in the Fall – Ana Božičević

Believers – Andrew Durbin

Cool Memories – Ben Fama

Mood Swing – Monica McClure

Liner Notes – Andy Mister

Justin Marks

Black Aperture - Matt Rasmussen

Buenos Aires - Chad Reynolds

Increment - Chris Tonelli

Emily Pettit

Rise in the Fall – Ana Božičević

Collateral Light - Julia Cohen

Cool Memories – Ben Fama

Moods - Rachel B. Glaser

My Enemies – Jane Gregory

Nineties – Lucy Ives

Sign You Were Mistaken - Seth Landman

My Dead – Amy Lawless

Theatre Of The Cow – Lizzie Lee Lenson

My Life’s Work – Guy Pettit

The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather - Sampson Starkweather

Because You Love You Come Apart – Bianca Stone

Last Difficult Gardens – Paige Taggart

Sorry Was In The Woods - Michelle Taransky

You Good Thing - Dara Wier

Joseph Silvers

Bill Evans: How My Heart Sings – Peter Pettinger

Robinson Alone - Kathleen Rooney

Sampson Starkweather

From the Artist’s Private Collection - Eric Amling

Believers - Andrew Durbin

Orange Roses - Lucy Ives

My Dead – Amy Lawless

My Life’s Work - Guy Pettit

Last Difficult Gardens - Paige Taggart

Bianca Stone

The Late Parade - Adam Fitzgerald

It Becomes You – Dobby Gibson

Soul In Space - Noelle Kocot

Mood Swing - Monica McClure

Because You Can Have This Idea About Being Afraid of Something – Emily Pettit

Chris Tonelli

The Self Unstable – Elisa Gabbert

Mood Swing – Monica McClure

Aorta – Christopher Salerno

A Home Big Enough For Remembering – Kiely Sweatt

Friends,We’re very excited to announce our next title: Backup Singers by Sommer Browning.

Browning follows up her sold out debut, Either Way I'm Celebrating, with an even rawer and starker, and again darkly humorous navigation of friendship, marriage, and motherhood. The result is a more overtly political assessment of the absurd deficit between what we're confronted with and what we're equipped with to deal with those confrontations: "It's a girl, / and the wires she needs // open her hands / before they're fists."

Browning combats this deficit with relentless anaphora and repetition, reducing seemingly impossible relationships to their most basic element--a love that begets an unconditional loyalty: "I’m here! I didn’t run!"

Look for Backup Singers to be available exclusively at the Birds, LLC table at AWP!


the Editors

starkweather-panel-black-borders 1


We’re very excited to announce that The First 4 Books of Sampson Starkweather is now available exclusively on the Birds, LLC site.

Written over ten years, these are indeed four separate books with their own forms and voices and preoccupations that also coalesce to form the outlines of a novel whose subject is a poet making up himself.

The poems themselves, as Jared White puts it in his introduction, are "a phantasmagoria worthy of Arthur Rimbaud but a 'Rimbaud chugging Robotussin.®'" They interest themselves in the purity of experience and are comprised of everything from experimental translations, emails and dreams, to spells, prose, advice, and mythologies (among other things).

The First 4 Book of Sampson Starkweather completely questions and reinterprets what a first book—or any book—of poems can be.

As always, thank you for your support of Birds, LLC and indie publishing at large.


The Editors


Dan Boehl 

Redivider's 10th Bday Party: AWP offsite event & reading
Thursday, March 7, 6-8pm
Boston Beer Works, 61 Brookline Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Facebook Event

Ana Božičević

The Rally
Thursday, March 7, 8pm
The Distillery, 516 East 2nd St, South Boston
Facebook Event

Monk Books and Wonder reading
Friday, March 8, 8pm
Emmanuel Church
15 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116
Facebook Event

Out of Gender: A Denunciation of Vanessa Place's Boycott Project
Saturday, March, 6:15-7:15pm
MIT, 4-163Facebook Event

Sommer Browning

Buckets of Glorius: A Reading?
Denver Quarterly, jubilat, Rescue Press, & Transom
Thursday, March 7, 7pm
The Harvard Advocate, 21 South St, Cambridge, MA
Facebook Event

Elisa Gabbert

Literary Firsts
Saturday, March 9, 5:30 pm
Middlesex Lounge, 315 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA
Facebook Event

Dan Magers

Sixth Finch & Vinyl Poetry Reading
Friday, March 8, 3-5 PM
Commonwealth Salon, Boston Public Library
700 Boylston St, Boston, MA
Only 3 blocks from Hynes Convention Center!
Facebook Event

Sampson Starkweather

The Rally
Thursday, March 7, 8pm
The Distillery, 516 East 2nd St, South Boston
Facebook Event

Sixth Finch & Vinyl Poetry Reading
Friday, March 8, 3-5 PM
Commonwealth Salon, Boston Public Library
700 Boylston St, Boston, MA
Only 3 blocks from Hynes Convention Center!
Facebook Event

Chris Tonelli

Fuck Poems Anthology Wet Brunch
Saturday, March 9, 11:30am
LIR, 903 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02115
Facebook Event

Bull City Press
Thursday, March 7, 1:00pm
Table F17, AWP Bookfai


We’re excited to announce that Emily Pettit's Goat In The Snow has been short-listed for The Believer Poetry Award.We are super proud of Emily and her brilliant book. Snag a copy at the Birds, LLC table B7 next week at AWP!

Other AWP tidbits:

Get hot-off-the-press copies of The First 4 Books of Sampson StarkweatherON SALE EXCLUSIVELY AT AWP, plus Ana Božičević’s Rise in the Fall­ and all the whole Birds, LLC catalog.

Come hear Sampson, Ana, and Rise in the Fall artist Bianca Stone at The Rally.They’ll be reading with other dope poets from Factory Hollow, ImmaculateDisciples, Rose Metal, Sixth Finch, and Wonder.

As always, thank you for your support of Birds, LLC and indie publishing at large.


The Birds