We’re pleased to announce that the So & So reading series and magazine have merged with Birds, LLC! To mark the occasion, So & So founder and Birds editor Chris Tonelli and editorial assistants Michael Johnson and Joseph Silvers have revamped the So & So site. It now exists on its own and as a tab on the Birds site. Among other things, it now contains:

  • A Series page with details about upcoming readings and an archive of past readings.
  • A Media page with links to videos of readings, interviews, broadsides, the So & So Facebook page for you to “Like” and Twitter to follow.

Be sure to check out the latest edition of So & So Magazine, featuring poetry by Vincent Cellucci, MRB Chelko, Jackie Clark, Adam Day, Joe Fletcher, Jennifer H. Fortin, PJ Gallo, Evan Glasson, Alec Hershman, MC Hyland, Matthew Johnstone, Christopher Shipman, Marcus Slease, Mike Smith, and Joseph P. Wood.

We’re also excited to announce that Caroline Gormley has joined the Birds family as an editorial assistant. Welcome aboard, Caroline!

Thanks for supporting Birds, LLC and independent presses in general!


The Editors


We’re crazy excited to announce our next two titles, Rise in the Fall, by Ana Božičević (Fall 2012), and The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather, by Sampson Starkweather (Winter 2013).

A few words about these amazing books, as well as videos of Ana and Sampson reading from their work:

Ana Božičević is both a poet's poet and the people's poet. Rise in the Fall, her second full-length collection, is a revolutionary book and an ars poetica for the polis in which she excludes nothing. Navigating literary history, gender, sexuality, economics, family and friends, she is at ease employing both the universal political statement and the lyric "I". A Croatian émigré, Božičević approaches the English language with a playful objectivity, bouncing back and forth from the conversational to the grand: "This is the whitest shit / I've ever written" she notes in her half-myth "About Nietzsche." Her critique of our time and place is at once empathetic and crude, tender and grotesque. Lucky for us, "beauty [wins] in all its casual terror and pain."

First, Dan Magers' PARTYKNIFE was reviewed in Publisher's Weekly! "Magers’s debut is like a Fast Times at Ridgemont High of poetry, only faster."

Dan Magers and PARTYKNIFE then have fun in this wild & witty interview with Jess Novak: "Partyknife knows that you don’t overthink a playlist. If you are having a dinner party, and want to play Cambodian psychedelic rock music from the 60s, go for it, but don’t try it for a dance party. Obvious stuff works. If it’s midnight and you swallow your pride and put on “Dancing Queen,” you will get laid."

Finally, PARTYKNIFE also received the most amazing, insane, intense and sensational reviews EVER, see for yourself!

"Try and recall the last book you wanted to take up as a lifestyle. Try and recall in particular, the last book of poetry that you wanted to become. It made me feel good. When’s the last time poetry made you feel good? Not distant and admiring, not the literary equivalent of the Met. When was the last time you read a book of poetry that hit you cinema hard? That left you pointing frantically at the screen, a la Velvet Goldmine, saying that’s me."

So grab a Knife and join the Party, and like Ice Cube said HAVE A GOOD DAY!


Elisa Gabbert and Sommer Browning will live tweet Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey!

Join them this Sunday! Start watching the film at 7pm Mountain time, 9pm Eastern time & 6pm Pacific!

You just need to be weird and have a twitter account.

Use this hashtag: #2001

Other participants include (this list grows daily!):

@AmyLawless (NYC)
Patrick Culliton @TheHauntedTooth (Chicago!)
@DanBoehl (Austin)
Dan Magers @partyknife (Brooklyn, NY)
Aaron Angello
Bill Wetzel
Statler & Waldorf
Tom Servo
Crow T. Robot
@BiancaStone (NYC)
@bryancoffelt (PDX)

and of course:
@egabbert & @vagtalk

br-review-of-sommer-for-web face

Check out this review of Sommer Browning's Either Way I'm Celebrating in the Boston Review.

If you’re going to be in Chicago for this year’s AWP, please swing by table N-22 where you’ll be able to check out:

Advanced copies of Partyknife, by Dan Magers, available exclusively at AWP.

Goat in the Snow, by the magnificent Emily Pettit.

FINALIST, SEMIFINALIST, FORTHCOMING, and PUSHCART PRIZE NOMINEE T-Shirts made by the amazing Sommer Browing. All profits benefit Badgerdog.

Limited edition broadsides, posters and other ephemera.

We’re also teaming up with Brave Men, DoubleCross, Factory Hollow, Flowers & Cream, Immaculate Disciples, minutes BOOKS, and Projective Industries for, No Baby (Yes Baby), with readings by:Dan Magers

Emily Pettit
Ally Harris as Taryn Andrews
Cody-Rose Clevidence
Julia Cohen
Ben Fama
Elaine Kahn
Mark Leidner
Rob Ostrom
Caryl Pagel
Mathias Svalina
Paige Taggart
Michelle Taransky

Reading is Thursday, March 1, 7:00pm at Public Works Event Space.

Emily and Dan will also be available for author signings Friday afternoon from 2 to 3pm.

As always, thanks you for your love and support of Birds, LLC and indie publishing at large. Without you, there is no us.


The Editors


We’re ecstatic to announce that a limited number of copies of Partyknife, by Dan Magers, will be available exclusively at AWP 2012. Once those are gone, you’ll have to attend one of Dan's readings or wait until the official release in June 2012.

Be sure to swing by table N-22 to get your copy of Partyknife, Goat in the Snowby Emily Pettit, as well as t-shirts, limited edition broadsides and posters, and other Birds, LLC titles.


The Editors

Birds, LLC is pleased to announce our mini tour in celebration of Emily Pettit's Goat in the Snow!

Poetry readings by
Justin Marks
Emily Pettit
Sampson Starkweather
Paige Taggart
Chris Tonelli

Here are the tour dates:

December 9th, Friday, Kansas City, MO. Facebook Event info can be found here. And here:

December 10th, Fayetteville, AK. Facebook Event info here. And here:

December 11th, Lawrence, KS. Facebook Event info here. And here:

Dear Friends,

Birds, LLC is happy to announce GOAT IN THE SNOW has arrived at our offices. Order it now exclusively at If you've already purchased a copy, you'll receive it soon!

A limited number of broadsides are still available. Click the button to purchase yours.

In other news, Either Way I'm Celebrating and Kings of the F**king Sea have been named in No Tell Motel's year end "Best of" listings. Check them out here.

For those of you interested in teaching GOAT IN THE SNOW (or any of our titles), you can order directly from our website, and you'll receive books before the start of the Spring semester. Or if you're required to go through a distributor, Small Press Distribution and Amazon will have GITS by January 3rd.

Thanks for your support, and merry holiday times to you and yours.


the Editors